Find an Internship

Craft a search strategy and communicate with potential employers — skills that will help you in your future career.

We can help you create a search strategy and explore resources, such as federal, state, and local search sites. Or we can connect you with internship organizations that have previously supported Evergreen students.

We can also help you network and design your own internship, especially if your interests are in non-traditional fields.

Bonus! Everything you learn about searching for your internship will apply to future job searches, too.

Contacting an Employer

After you’ve pinpointed the organizations that complement your studies and goals, find a contact person by searching websites or contacting Human Resources offices. Before you call or send an email:

  • Be prepared to discuss what you have to offer, and what you have to learn
  • Establish whether it is a paid or non-paid position (you may have to ask)
  • Set realistic expectations—some employers will say “no”
  • Connect with your advisor for additional tips and considerations

Get help getting started.