Proposed MFA in Indigenous Arts

Master of Fine Arts in Indigenous Arts

"This program will give students the opportunity to make art and share across cultures with Indigenous faculty and artists from around the world." —Tina Kuckkahn-Miller, J.D., (Ojibwe), Longhouse Director 

Vision: Provide an arts education that is grounded in Indigenous cultural values, protocols, practices and forms of knowledge.                                  

Mission: Provide education and training to enrich tribal communities by supporting the teaching and practice of Indigenous arts.


The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center at the Evergreen State College is in the process of developing a unique MFA program in Indigenous Arts. The program will foster innovative, student-centered approaches to Indigenous arts practice within a culturally-affirming educational setting. The MFA in Indigenous Arts program will empower a new generation of artists and scholars by providing top-quality education, training and professional development opportunities in the field of Indigenous arts. It will engage students in opportunities to learn and preserve important cultural art forms, and participate in community-based learning through internships at the Longhouse and in tribal communities. The Indigenous Arts Campus, an emerging complex of studios based on Indigenous architectural and design concepts, will be the hub of the program. Students will also be able to take advantage of a wide variety of studio offerings at Evergreen.

Graduates of the MFA in Indigenous Arts will be able to:

  • Teach art at the college level, with an emphasis on Indigenous arts.
  • Produce a body of work that reflects mastery in their art forms.
  • Speak and write with expertise on customary and contemporary Indigenous arts within Indigenous, Western and other contexts.
  • Bring an awareness of Indigenous values to work across a diversity of cultural boundaries.
  • Understand laws, policies and protocols surrounding Indigenous arts and intellectual and cultural property issues.
  • Apply a broad range of curatorial practices and exhibition standards.
  • Utilize professional-level skills in arts business management.


Are you interested in the proposed Master of Fine Arts in Indigenous Arts program?
You can download the MFA Interest Form and mail, or email it to the Longhouse.
David Boxley Alex McCarty Joe Tougas 
(Left image: Bentwood Box making workshop with David Boxley (Tsimshian))
(Right image: Evergreen faculty Alex McCarty (Makah) and Joe Tougas in the Carving Studio, Pay3q'ali)
Marwin Begay Printmaking workshop  
(Image: Printmaking workshop with Marwin Begaye (Navajo))