Leverich Creates Sculptures in Maine

Faculty member Bob Leverich was one of seven artists from around the world to participate in the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium in Maine over the summer.

Sculpture at the Wilson Museum

Sculpture on its site next to the Wilson Museum in Castine, Maine.

Leverich Sculpture

A meandering piece of the sculpture.

Each sculptor worked with a different coastal community to create a work for placement there. Leverich worked with Castine, Maine (population 1,200), a port town with a rich multicultural and maritime history. Home and Away, a 25-foot-long, nine-ton granite installation, draws from his earlier explorations of abstracted house shapes and meandering pathways, but in a much bigger way. Through it, he sought to evoke the town’s history as a seaport, as well as its character as a spiritual home to its year-round and summer residents. He designed the work for people to walk through, touch—even laze about on.

One group of critics has already given Home and Away rave reviews. When elementary students from Castine School showed up, and Leverich asked them how many had ever left a home and moved somewhere else, quite a lot raised their hands. “Then they rushed off and mobbed the piece,” he said, “crawling all over it and having a great time.”

Leverich detail

Detail of fret cutting marks on the sculpture. Photos courtesy of Bob Leverich.