Winter 2018

The Evergreen Magazine features stories and highlights about our alumni and events.


  • Ray Mobley

    A Veteran’s View

    The Dignity We Take for Granted

  • Stuart Ralston

    A Teacher for Apple

    Stuart Ralston ‘06 is on Apple’s learning design team and helps educators integrate technology.

  • Emily Washiness

    Return of the Wapato

    Emily Washines MPA ‘10 restores landscapes, recovers cultures, retrieves the past.

  • Korbett Mossesly

    The Hilltop Dynamo

    For Korbett Mosesly, moving forward is all about giving back

  • Drake and Holliman convo

    Tradition Meets Innovation

    Our newest leaders talk about how Evergreen’s vision serves today’s students.

  • Ivan Espinosa

    From Butoh to the Big Apple

    Art Student Earns Grad School Scholarship to NYU

  • Governor's Mansion Mixer

    Voicing Community Needs

    Student trustee’s career goals start on campus.

  • Evergreen Alumn Kim Gaffi at the GRuB

    Good Folks Good Grub

    Greener leader puts roots down at Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB)

  • Web Fellow Naomi Touchet now works at Concur

    From Web Fellow to Tech Pro

    Naomi Touchet served as a web development fellow in Evergreen’s marketing and communications division throughout her junior and senior years. The experience continues to inform the work she does now, as a young professional working in web security.

  • Grauating class of 1971

    Oral History Project

    The Oral History Project hopes to archive and encourage engagement with Evergreen’s rich and storied past

  • General Biology Walk

    Seeing Science Through a New Lens

    Students who sign on for an Evergreen interdisciplinary program with a science component don’t just study science—they do it

Dig Deep

Gov. Daniel Evans signs the legislation creating Evergreen


In the last issue, we noted that Paul Kramer passed away February 24, 2017 at age 54, but mistakenly truncated his name as Paul Kram. This has been fixed in the online version.

We also used the wrong photo of the 1967 signing of Evergreen’s founding documents by Governor Dan Evans. The photo shown here is the correct one, and has been updated in the online version.

We apologize for these errors.