Media Loan

Media Loan supports instructional media integration across the curriculum by instructing and circulating media equipment to all currently registered Students and employed Faculty and Staff.

Media Services will be working remotely until further notice. To reach us please email You can also check the latest information on college operations.

Using Equipment

Equipment may be used for any credit-generating academic work or college business. Read our policies and Media Services equipment and resources use guidelines for detailed information.

Facility Support

To schedule a media facility, come to the Media Loan front desk in Library or call (360) 867-6253 to reserve. If you are a faculty requesting space for your academic programs make these requests using Schedule Evergreen

How to Reserve & Checkout Equipment

  • Visit Media Loan or call (360) 867-6253 to make a reservation.
  • If the equipment requires a proficiency test, you'll need to schedule it in advance with Media Loan. It consists of a written component and an operation test. The operation test may take up to an hour, depending on the equipment.
  • Pick up the equipment and check out at Media Loan. You'll need your valid Evergreen ID with a current term sticker.
  • Equipment may be checked out for up to 3 days. You may be able to renew up to 3 times depending on the equipment and if it is available. 
  • Return the equipment to Media Loan. You can also return equipment to the Library circulation desk when Media Loan is closed.

For extended period beyond a week fill out an Extended Loan Request.

Instructional Media Support

Want to use media in your program, class, or course?
Do you need your employees to acquire a new media skill to meet your area's goals?

Late Fines

Return equipment on time so other students can use it. As an extra incentive, Media Loan charges late fines to encourage prompt return. Avoid late fines by returning or renewing equipment before it comes due. Need more incentive? Learn how late fines are assessed and what happens when you keep stuff WAY overdue.

Late returning Media Loan equipment? Appeal your late fine online.