Current MES Students

Our students come from a range of backgrounds and each aspire to achieve their own individual goals in this program. For many students, the MES program provides them with tools and opportunities to make the change they want to see.

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Eunbi Lee, 2018 CohortWoman sitting on rock overlooking mountains

Hi everyone, I am Eunbi Lee! I was born in South Korea and moved to the US in 2015 with a spirit of adventure of living in a different culture. I have always pursued to be someone who "does good" to pass clean water and land to the next generation.

Currently, I am interested in the groundwater flow that is impacted by water impoundment facilities such as dams, culverts, or wells. My passion toward the water exploitation and hydroelectricity stems from the four Major River Project in South Korea launched in 2009, which was implemented even with severe protests of many civil and environmental organizations. I would like to learn more about both the scientific background of this project in environmental perspective and the alternative policies that could revive the river flows and quality. Ultimately, working as a social scientist who would advocate for the environmental policy for this project is my goal... 

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Emilia Omerberg, 2018 CohortWoman in overalls and hat holding a fish and smiling

Hi my name is Emilia. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I grew up exploring the California coastline to the Eastern Sierras. This is where I fell in love with the environment as well as working to protect and preserve it. I Studied Biology and Environmental Studies and also received a minor in Chemistry at Oberlin College in Ohio. I thrive on experiential learning and have a passion for wildlife conservation. I initially fell in love with fish conservation during a field program in Montana where we studied West slope cutthroat trout and Bull trout. Since then I have since honed my interests to problems of habitat degradation and disconnects as well as interactions between native and non-native species through internships with Colorado River Cutthroat trout in Utah and Lake Trout in Lake Erie. However I was recently introduced to marine mammals through a marine mammal rescue internship and want to continue to explore that avenue of interest with an internship during my next quarter. I am so excited to follow all of my interests within the interdisciplinary framework of the evergreen MES program! I currently don’t have a plan for my thesis but I am taking all suggestions!

Trudy Rubick, 2018 Cohort

Woman smiling in green field holding butterflyHi everyone, I’m Trudy! I have just started my MES in the fall of 2018, and I am already so excited to see what the rest of my time here has in store for me. Both as a student, and as the program assistant for MES.

I graduated from the University of Kansas in the spring of 2016 with a dual degree in Environmental Studies and English Creative Writing. The double degree came from passion; I loved them both, so I gave neither up! The intersection of these two studies, environmental literature and writing, is where I thrive.

Since first learning to hold a pencil, I have written stories. As I have grown, so has the content of those stories. What began with cats in treehouses, grew to fantasy in high school, and finally into nature writing as I got into the double degree...

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Nicole Manteufel, 2017 Cohort NM

Hi my name is Nicole Manteufel and I am and first year MES student, originally from Sebring Florida. Prior to the MES program I was in the U.S. Army for 8 years. Outside of school and work I enjoy spending time with my husband and son. I was drawn to the MES program because of its flexibility. I am really interested in studying marine mammals and marine biology. My dream occupation after the MES program would be to work as a scientist to study cetaceans.





Jeremy Richtmyre, 2017 Cohort Jeremy Richtmyre

My name is Jeremy Richtmyre, I am a first year MES student originally from Vancouver, WA. I have a BA in Political Science & Social Studies from Western Washington University. I was a Legislative Intern for the Washington State Senate and a Legislative Aide for the King County Council. I have also been a Sr. LAN Manager in the U.S. Army Reserves. I enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, soccer and traveling. I was drawn to the MES program for the location and the layout of the program. The location is great due to its proximity to a plethora of government and environmental agencies and my family resides in Tumwater. The layout of the program allows students to be flexible with class schedules and to be able to still work a regular job. Plus the ability to choose from a wide range of electives so that one has the ability to specialize in a given field... Also internship opportunities are everywhere down here. I am interested in conservation and restorative ecology, public land management, and GIS. In the MES program I hope to gain the tools necessary to begin my career along with additional insight into the complexity of the natural environment. I'd really like to be a Park Ranger. When I finish this program that will be the route I embark on initially... But a lot can change in two years, I'm just looking to roll along with things for now and leave those decisions for later.