Apply to the MiT Program

Find out what you need to prepare to enter the Master in Teaching program, and how your application and materials are evaluated.

The Master in Teaching (MiT) program will be accepting applications in spring 2020 for a spring 2021 start. 

More information is available on the MiT homepage.

How Your Materials Are Evaluated

We seek to prepare the finest teachers to support the development of all children.

Accepted candidates demonstrate academic excellence and the potential to succeed in a broad range of classroom settings. The admissions committee considers both qualitative and quantitative written evidence when they evaluate your application.

Qualities of a top applicant

  • Graduate-level academic proficiency in general and endorsement coursework
  • Interest in the intellectual and social development of young people
  • Commitment to a teaching career in a K–12 setting
  • Interpersonal communication skills and professionalism in public settings
  • Experience with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Completeness and care in preparation of application materials

Admission Requirements

Becoming an MiT candidate requires foresight and preparation. We recommend beginning your preparations as early as two years in advance.

You must have:

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education. You may be admitted provisionally pending completion.

A minimum GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale for last 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours. Evergreen grads: this requirement doesn't apply to you. Instead, we read through your evaluations to determine whether you're ready for graduate-level study.

Completed the following general prerequisites with a 2.0 GPA or satisfactory narrative evaluation. Required for all applicants by program start, but preferred by application date.

  • 4 quarter credits in college level math
  • 8 quarter credits in social sciences such as psychology, history, etc.
  • 10 credits of academic writing to include a course in expository or research writing. Writing intensive classes besides creative writing may be considered with appropriate documentation.

Completed required coursework specific to your endorsement with a 2.0 GPA or satisfactory narrative evaluation. Every endorsement has different endorsement requirements. Be sure you understand what is required for your endorsement. Indicate work planned or in progress if not done by application date.

Volunteered or worked in a classroom in a U.S. public school at least 40 hours within the last two years. Your experience should include observing or working with diverse students at the grade level you want to teach.

Document your experience on a Recent School Experience Hours Log Sheet.

Passing scores on content tests (WEST-E and/or NES) for endorsements and an attempted basic skills assessment (WEST-B or equivalent).  Please visit our Required Tests page for more information. 

The ability to pass a Washington State Patrol and FBI background check: Admitted candidates must be fingerprinted and complete a character and fitness check form for clearance before the start of the program.

Evidence of a commitment to teaching, interpersonal communication skills, and professionalism: The admissions committee considers all of your application materials to look for evidence of these skills. Your resume should provide specific details about all of your experiences working with young people, especially those from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Your letters of recommendation should speak to your interpersonal skills, and critical thinking and writing abilities.

Before You Apply

Determine your endorsements and complete worksheets

In order to teach a specific subject, you must demonstrate coursework in that area. You will complete a worksheet for each endorsement area to upload with your application. See your endorsement options and requirements.

Take required tests

Washington State requires that all teachers pass tests demonstrating their competency in basic skills and in their endorsed subjects. Find out what tests are required.

Select and contact your three references

You will provide email addresses of three professional people willing to provide letters of recommendation. They will be contacted by the application processing company to submit a letter addressing one or more of the following: your work with children, academic work, writing ability, interpersonal skills, and job-related experiences.

You are expected to include a letter from a teacher or other educator who is aware of your interaction with youth. Ideally, we would receive a letter from the teacher who hosted your work or observation in a public school setting.

Also provide a letter from a college professor if you’ve attended class within the last three years.

Format your resume

Include all key employment, volunteer, and educational experiences relevant to your future success as a teacher, listing experiences with youth first.

You will need to demonstrate 40 or more hours of experience within the last two years in a public school classroom(s) at grade levels you wish to teach. This can include observing, volunteering, or work experience.

Write a personal statement

Explain why you want to teach and conclude with why you want to join Evergreen's MiT program, approximately two typed pages. Save as Word or PDF.

Write a thesis-based essay

Take the following statement:

It is impossible to be raised in the culture of the United States without being taught racial, ethnic, gender and socio-economic class biases, yet teachers today must be prepared to work with children from many backgrounds. They must also be prepared to demonstrate a commitment to the highest ideals of U.S. society and of public education.

Critically analyze the statement above. Draft a thesis in reaction to it, and explain how your background and behaviors have prepared you to work with the issues and/or goals you identified in your thesis (typed, two-three double-spaced pages). Review the definition of a thesis-based, expository essay at Owl–Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Request transcripts

You will need to request and submit official transcripts from every college or university that you have attended.

Evergreen Students and Alumni

If you transferred credit from another college or institution towards your Bachelor's degree, you will need to submit new official transcripts from those institutions.

You will also need to request an official transcript from Evergreen for the MiT program. You can order your Evergreen transcript online.

One transcript must verify the award of a bachelor’s degree. Provisional admission can be granted on the basis of work in progress near the completion of a bachelor's degree. We may need an updated transcript during the review process. A final transcript with degree must be submitted prior to MiT program start to begin in conditional or regular admission status.

A transcript is considered official if it bears the official seal and signature of the issuing institution and is sent directly by that institution to Evergreen’s Graduate Office of Admissions; or is enclosed in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution and delivered by the applicant to the Graduate Admissions Office. 

Evergreen can receive official e-transcripts from schools that are registered members of Docufide, National Student Clearinghouse, Naviance, Parchment, and Scrip-Safe International. If the e-transcript system asks for an email address, please use

Otherwise, mail or deliver transcripts to:
The Evergreen State College
Graduate Admissions
Library 2002
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia, WA 98505
Attention: MiT Admissions