Our Faculty

Faculty are drawn to Evergreen because they love teaching. They are interested in the process of learning and they want to work with students in an environment that rewards that interest.

You will come to know your faculty well, and they will know you and your work. As a result, our faculty often mentor our graduates long after they complete the program.

Title Email Location Phone
Lachezar (Lucky) Anguelov
anguelol@evergreen.edu Lab I 3005 (360) 867-6636

Michael (Mike) Craw
MPA Director
crawm@evergreen.edu Lab I 3016 (360) 867-6820

Meghan Doughty
doughtym@evergreen.edu Lab I 3010 (360) 867-6578

Cali Ellis
ellisc@evergreen.edu Lab I 3002 (360) 867-6824

Amy Gould
goulda@evergreen.edu Sem II D-2106 (360) 867-6135

Doreen Swetkis
swetkisd@evergreen.edu Lab I 3011 (360) 867-5320

Eric Trevan
trevane@evergreen.edu Lab I 3006 (360) 867-6019