Who does what at MPA/Where to get Help

MPA Director: Michael Craw

  • Overall administration of MPA
  • Policy/procedure final decision maker
  • Approves transfer credits
  • Approves individual learning contracts and internship contracts
  • Approves graduation requests
  • Grievances: assists in achieving resolution

Assistant MPA Directors:

Public & Nonprofit Administration and Public Policy Cohort – Marcia Zitzelman
Tribal and Tacoma Cohort – Puanani Nihoa

  • Guide: goal is to teach students to navigate Evergreen​​
  • MPA program and procedure questions
  • Info & referral when you don’t know where to go
  • Help to overcome obstacles and intercede when necessary
  • Assist in achieving problem/conflict resolution
  • Degree requirements: “where am I in my program?”
  • Internship information
  • MPA financial aid process
  • Graduation process
  • Managing communications (website, newsletter, etc.)

Writing Assistance: MPA/MES Writing Assistant 

  • Help with assignments at any and all stages (generating ideas, creating an outline, proofreading, grammar, how to do citations, etc.)

MPA Office Assistant: Dhara Katz

  • Provides administrative support for MPA program
  • Posts syllabi and other course information to MPA website
  • Maintains MPA listserves
  • Managing communications (website, newsletter, etc.)

Faculty: see MPA Faculty contact page

  • Course related questions: syllabus, assignments, textbooks, due dates, incompletes, etc.
  • Continuing faculty: sponsor individual learning contracts, internship contracts and theses
  • Academic advising

Academic Program Support Staff: Pam Udovich and Julie Rahn at  lab1support@evergreen.edu

  • Faculty evaluation of student processing
  • Student evaluation of faculty processing