Human Subjects Review Policy

The Human Subjects Review policy at Evergreen took effect in January, 1979 to protect the rights of humans who are participants in research activities. If you are conducting a study using information from people or if you are recording them in some way for that study, you must complete this application with the collaboration of your faculty sponsor.

General Principles

All students, staff, and faculty conducting research at the College that involves the participation of humans as subjects of research must ensure that participation is voluntary, that risks are minimal, and that the distribution of your study is limited. All potential physical, psychological, emotional, and social risks should be considered, and explained to the participants in the study. This explanation must be clear, in letter form, and accompanied by a written consent form which the participants sign. Similarly, the researcher must explain to the participant the benefits, the course of study, and purpose of the intellectual inquiry. Participants must not be asked to expose themselves to risk unless the benefits to the participants or society are commensurate. Please note that in most cases, keeping the participants’ names confidential significantly minimizes risks.

Refer to the Human Subjects Review website for an application.