Students may register for courses any time after the announced opening of registration, through the end of the first week of class, without penalty. During the second week of the quarter, late registration is permitted with the instructor’s permission (signature or via email) and a $50 late registration fee. However, to maximize MPA enrollments by the 10th day of the quarter, when course enrollments are counted for funding purposes, MPA staff will waive the $50 late registration fee. Beginning the third week of the quarter, late registration requires the instructor’s signature, a $100 late fee and a petition to the Registrar. Students are encouraged to register as early as possible. For MPA and financial aid purposes, eight (8) credits per quarter is considered full-time enrollment in the MPA program. Graduate course options include core courses, required courses for your concentration, MPA electives, MES electives, graduate individual learning contracts, and graduate internship contracts.

Students may also attend part-time (less than 8 credits per quarter): to remain financial aid eligible, students must take a minimum of 4 graduate credits per quarter.

Registration for more than 12 graduate credits per quarter requires Director approval.

For web registration, students will receive an ID number and a PIN number from the Registration & Records Office. Students use these to register via the web using Information about using my.evergreen can be found at Gateway Registration Help webpage. Additional information about registration can be found at the Registration Office webpage. Visit Registration Calendar for the current or upcoming quarter.  For information about other methods of registration, contact the Registration Office at 867-6180.