MPA Tacoma

The Evergreen Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program is expanding to Tacoma.

In Fall 2019, The Evergreen State College’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program is launching its first Tacoma cohort!  We are excited to bring our well-respected MPA Program to our Evergreen Tacoma site, right in the historic Hilltop neighborhood.

The Evergreen State College’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program offers a professional education designed to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of a career in public service as well as in nonprofit and business organizations. Evergreen MPA students and alumni advocate powerfully on behalf of the public, imagine new possibilities, and accomplish positive change in their workplaces and communities.

Beginning Fall 2018, we began offering MPA electives at Evergreen Tacoma. In Fall 2019, the Evergreen MPA Program will launch the first Public & Nonprofit Administration and Public Policy concentrations (PNAPP) cohort at the Tacoma site.  In addition, MPA electives will continue to be offered at Evergreen Tacoma.

Find out about Evergreen MPA’s Program.  We will begin accepting applications for the next Evergreen MPA Tacoma cohort starting October 2020.

Can I Take MPA Tacoma Electives? 

Students who have not been admitted to the MPA program may register for open MPA electives or be added to the wait list for full MPA electives, with instructor permission, beginning one week before the start of each academic quarter.  This holds for all MPA electives, both in Tacoma as well as at the Olympia campus.

Non-admitted students who already have a bachelor's degree may take MPA electives for graduate credit. If you decide to apply to the MPA Program, up to 12 credits of MPA electives taken before the Fall of admission will count toward your MPA degree.

  1. Contact the MPA Program Assistant or call (360) 867-5939 to determine which courses are open.
  2. If space is available:

Current Evergreen Juniors and Seniors: print, complete and submit the Registration Form (PDF) to the Evergreen Registration Office. (Address fax registration “Attn: Elaine.”)

Non-Admitted Graduate Students: print, complete and submit the Special Student Registration Form (PDF) to the Evergreen Registration Office. (Address fax registration “Attn: Elaine.”) After receiving the permission information and registration form, Registration will email you to let you know whether you may register.