Loading Zones

Find out where to park if you’re coming to pick someone up or drop something off.

Loading Zones & Delivery Areas


A 15-minute loading zone is available in the main campus bus loop.  No parking pass required.


30-minute loading zones are available in several locations, no parking pass required:

  • In front of Seminar 2 at the bus loop
  • Behind the Library Building, adjacent to the loading dock
  • Behind the COMM Building, adjacent to the loading dock
  • At the Longhouse
  • At the Children’s Center

Unloading in the Residences

During designated times for Fall check-in, the housing loop is open to loading and unloading with help from Residential and Housing staff.  Signs will be clearly posted during Fall check-in when this service is available.

If you need to unload and load in the Housing loop, the only designated area is within the metered parking spaces located just past the bus zone. Be sure to pay the parking meter to avoid a parking citation. The cost is 25 cents for 15 minutes, 50 cents for 1/2 hour, and $1 for one hour.

IMPORTANT: Do not park in the emergency space or the bus zone in the Housing Loop, or you could receive a $50 citation.

If you require special permission to load or unload near your dorm, please contact the Parking Services Office at (360)867-6352 and provide your vehicle's license plate number and description in order to obtain a parking clearance and avoid a parking citation.  We are able to clear you for 15 minutes to complete your loading or unloading. This means you will need to have your items ready before moving your vehicle up to your dorm, and immediately move your vehicle as soon as you have loaded or unloaded your items.