Parking Policies & Procedures

Parking Policies and Procedures

Parking Booth ImageIf you do not live on campus, you may obtain a duplicate decal for your second vehicle for $10, payable by cash, check, or VISA or MasterCard debit or credit. TTo purchase your duplicate decal, please bring your 2nd vehicle's registration to the Parking Office in Seminar I, Room 3157, so that we may verify the license plate and vehicle ownership. Please ensure that only one of your cars is on campus at any given time, or purchase a day pass for the second vehicle when both must be on campus.

Decals should be placed on the inside of the front windshield, lower left corner (driver's side lower corner) so that they can be seen from outside the vehicle and the quarterly validation is visible. Motorcycle decals should be displayed on the front fork so that they are visible when your motorbike is in the resting position. Decals must be correctly displayed in order to be valid.

Please remove expired parking decals prior to placing your new one on your windshield or motorcycle's front fork. 

If you sell your vehicle or it is totaled in an accident, please remove your decal from the vehicle and return it to the Parking Office for a possible refund, or to halt your payroll deduction if you are a permanent staff or faculty member.

Lost or stolen decals must be replaced at full value at the owner's expense.

Permanent staff and faculty who are eligible for payroll deduction may purchase a multi-year parking permit, the current one expires the first day of fall quarter in September 2019. 

*  Please note that you must return your payroll-deduction decal to Parking Services when your employment ends at Evergreen or if you no longer park your car at Evergreen, to avoid being charged for the unpaid balance of your payroll deduction multi-year decal.  

Wheel-locks & Tows

  1. If a vehicle has been cited and remains parked overtime in a timed space or at an expired meter for it will be cited for overtime parking. If the it is not moved, the vehicle is subject to additional citations and will be towed off campus in 4 hours, at the owner's expense. 

  2. If you have at least 3 unpaid parking tickets, the oldest being at least 30 days old, your vehicle is eligible to be wheel-locked. If a wheel-lock is placed on your vehicle, you will need to visit the Parking Services Office in the Seminar 1 Building Room 3157, or call (360) 867-6352, and you will be required to pay the wheel-lock fee ($70) as well as all of your unpaid tickets. Once the fines are paid, the wheel-lock will be removed. If you feel you cannot pay these charges and are currently enrolled in classes, you may have the option to defer these charges to your student account. Employees may have the option of a one-time payroll deduction to cover the fines. If the boot fee and citation fines are not paid within 24 hours, the vehicle will be towed off campus at the owner's expense.

Unattended vehicles in fire lanes, service roads, and other unauthorized areas may be immediately towed at owner's expense.