Parking Violations

Campus Parking Violations, Late Fee, and How To Avoid Wheel-locks and Tows

Parking Fines
Parking ViolationFine
No Valid Permit$20
Overtime Parking$20
Improper Position$20
Violation of Disabled Zone$100
Parked at a Painted Curb$20
Prohibited Zone$20
Obstructing Traffic$20
Parked in Bus Zone$50
Fire Lane$50
Parked on Grass$20
Altered Pass$50
Not Designated Parking Space$20
Expired Meter$20

Wheel-Lock (Boot) Fee


Late Fee

Fines not paid within 30 days of the citation issue date are subject to a $25 late fee.

Boots & Tows

  1. Do not let unpaid parking citations accumulate. If you have at least 3 unpaid tickets, the oldest being at least 30 days old, your vehicle is at risk of being impounded in place (wheel-locked). Once a wheel lock is placed on your vehicle you must go to the Parking Services Office (or call 360 867 6352) and pay the boot fee ($70) as well as all of your unpaid tickets. Once the fines are paid, the wheel-lock will be removed. If you feel you cannot pay these charges and you are a currently-enrolled student, you may have the option to sign an agreement and have the charges placed on your student account. If the boot fee and citations are not paid or (if eligible) placed on your student account within 24 hours, the vehicle will be towed off campus at the owners expense.

  2. Do not leave your vehicle parked overtime in metered or time-limited spaces.  If a vehicle is cited for overtime parking in a time-limited space or at an expired meter and not moved promptly, it is subject to multiple citations. If the vehicle is not moved within 4 hours after the first citation, the vehicle will be towed off campus at the owner's expense. 

  3. Unattended vehicles in fire lanes, service roads, and other unauthorized areas may be immediately towed at owners expense.