Performing and Media Arts Spaces


Design Lab - COM 408

Created for use by students of the performing and media arts, the Design Lab boasts 50 workstations and a variety of equipment including light tables, drafting tables, tables with cutting mats, and animation stations. This space is also equipped with full audio and video playback equipment and art critique or presentation area.

Film and Animation Labs

  • Com 309:  2-D animation lab
  • Com 310: 3-D animation lab
  • Com 325 A-D: Film editing suites
  • Com 326: Screening Room

Music Technology Labs

  • Com 343 and 344: Beginning Labs
  • Com 346 and 347: Advanced Labs

Performance Spaces

Recital Hall - COM 107

image of two people playing guitarThe Recital Hall is a space acoustically designed for music recitals.  It is also used for drama, dance, film and lecture presentations.  It seats 200, has a state of the art lighting system, and 7.1 surround sound.  The room has a large projection screen, playback system and audio recording facility.

Dance Studio - COM 209

The newly remodeled Dance Studio has a world-class sprung wood floor and ample wall-mounted mirrors that can easily accommodate up to 75 dancers.  It has a fixed lighting grid and features a full audio and video playback system.  The space can be configured for performance, and can hold an audience of up to 50 people.

Performance Studio - COM 332

The newly added and exceptionally flexible Performance Studio was designed as a mini black box style space with fixed lighting grid and wall-mounted mirrors.  It is ideal for small student-run productions and can seat up to 60 audience members.

Production Spaces

Performance and Production Studio - COM 110

The Performance and Production Studio is a multi-use space, seating up to 150 students.  It features exceptional acoustics and has an adjacent audio control room, a moderate stage space, and three shallow stepped risers accommodating lectures, rehearsals, audio recording and performance.

Music Rehearsal - COM 117

Located next to our cutting-edge Multitrack Studio this music performance and rehearsal space allows for advanced audio recording and post-production. Variable sound dampening makes this room ideal for a variety of musical styles in addition to other types of presentations to a live audience of up to 50. This room features full audio and video playback.

Audio Production Facilities

  • Com 111A: Beginning Control Room/Performance and Production Studio
  • Com 118: Multitrack Advanced Control Room/Band Rehearsal
  • Com 212A: Beginning Control Room/Recital Hall