Citizen Comments

It is the goal of The Evergreen Police Department to provide the highest level of law enforcement/community oriented services to the students, staff and faculty of the Evergreen campus. In order to achieve this goal, the police department welcomes feedback, either positive or negative, from the community for which it serves. The department is interested in learning about your concerns whether it involves police, other staff conduct or need for improvement in our services.

Comment Form

Complaint Form


Everyone enjoys receiving recognition for effort and accomplishment. Commendations, either verbal or written, are one of the best ways to let someone know that you appreciate his/her work. You can send a commendation for an employee of The Evergreen State College Police to the Chief of Police. You may also advise the employee’s supervisor. Your comments can be made by completing a Comment Form, in person, by telephone or by contacting us via mail or email.

A commendation may address any effort that you deem notable; unusual courtesy or compassion, heroic acts etc.  We are interested in hearing about your observations of any commendable act or behavior.

Positive feedback in the form of emails, personal notes and verbal expressions will always be forwarded to the deserving team members.

A commendation takes only a few minutes to communicate and lets the personnel of The Evergreen State College Police Department know their efforts are noticed and appreciated by the community we serve.

Send your letter to:

Chief of Police
The Evergreen State College Police
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW – SEM I
Olympia, WA. 98505


The Evergreen Police Department reviews any allegation of wrongdoing or violation of policy or procedure very seriously. A citizen’s complaint may be made by anyone. If the complainant is under the age of 18, we require that the complainant be accompanied by a parent or an adult. A complaint may be made 24 hours a day.

Informal Complaint

The employee’s immediate supervisor handles these complaints either over the telephone or in person.

Formal Complaint

A police complaint is a formal allegation of misconduct. This should not be confused with a “service complaint,” which is a complaint about the service or policies of the agency. A formal complaint is submitted in writing. You may use our Complaint Form to do this. You may lodge a formal complaint with any supervisor in the police department.


A complaint may be made online, by telephone, mail, email or in person. The complaint may be made at the police department or another mutually agreed upon convenient location. The department is interested in learning about your concerns regarding police or other departmental staff conduct.


The complaint is received, reviewed and assigned for investigation. If the complaint is informal and can be resolved by the immediate supervisor to your satisfaction, you will not need to do anything further.

If the allegations are of a serious nature, the supervisor can recommend that the complaint become formal. No complaint will be formally investigated until a supervisor contacts the complainant in person or by telephone to determine if a formal complaint is warranted. If the allegations are found to be true and a violation of policy and/or procedures, the complaint will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for a final determination. We will notify you in writing concerning the disposition of your complaint.

During a formal complaint investigation you or any witnesses may be contacted for an interview concerning the incident to obtain relevant factual information. Formal complaints may require a taped statement from the complainant.


The disposition will be termed sustained, not sustained, unfounded or resolved.

False Complaints

We invite citizens to bring their concerns regarding police practices and services to our attention, however, anyone who alleges that a crime was committed and reports that to a police officer, knowing the report to be false, could be charged with a gross misdemeanor (RCW 9A.76.175).