Developing and Approving College Policies

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College decision making should be locatable and accountable. This policy describes how college policies are developed, approved and published.

This policy applies to:

  • Any college-wide policy (i.e., any policy that applies to more than one division of the college);
  • Any policy that applies to students or the general public;
  • Except that this policy does not apply to policies that are solely the prerogative of the faculty or the Board of Trustees.

1. Evergreen’s President and Vice Presidents authorize College policies

The President and Vice Presidents:

  • Review and approve policies
  • Assign a Steward for each policy.

2. Policy Stewards are responsible for developing and maintaining the policies assigned to them

  • In developing or revising a policy, the Policy Steward consults with those affected by the policy.
  • The Policy Steward initiates revisions of policies as needed.

3. When a policy is adopted or revised, Policy Stewards inform those affected

Policy Stewards:

  • Announce the creation or revision of policies assigned to them
  • Arrange training on new or revised policy as needed

4. The Policy Coordinator facilitates the policy development and approval process

The Policy Coordinator

  • Maintains a standard format for college policies
  • Provides advice and assistance to Policy Stewards
  • Maintains a list of policies under development or revision
  • Keeps the President and Vice Presidents apprised of policies under development or revision
  • Chairs the Policy Advisory Committee meetings
  • Serves as a member of the Policy Advisory Committee
  • Posts approved policies on the official web site

5. The Policy Advisory Committee comprises a broad and cross-divisional representation of the College

Policy Advisory Committee consists of:

  • The Policy Coordinator (who also serves and the Committee Chairperson)
  • Staff from each division of the College:
  • Academics
  • College Advancement
  • Finance and Administration
  • Student Affairs
  • Internal Auditor
  • College Risk Manager
  • A faculty representative appointed by the Agenda Committee
  • A student representative appointed by the Geoduck Student Union

6. The Policy Advisory Committee reviews all policies under development or revision

The Policy Advisory Committee

  • Provides advice to Policy Stewards in the process of updating or drafting policies
  • May recommend additional consultation with others affected by proposed policy changes.
  • May recommend revisions or additional review of proposed policy changes to ensure conformity with relevant laws and other policies.
  • Advises the college's Senior Staff of policy areas that should receive priority attention
  • Reports annually to the President and Vice President on the status of college policies

8. The President may adopt interim policies on an emergency basis