UNC Tragedy and Campus Safety

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty:

Yesterday’s shooting in a classroom at the University of North Carolina Charlotte is an unthinkable tragedy, but sadly not unfamiliar.  It reminds us how important campus safety is to every one of us and to the college’s mission.

By any measure, Evergreen’s campus is very safe. Keeping it safe requires work above and beyond that of our campus police. Safety is the responsibility of every person here. We all must be informed about our protocols for alerting our police about perceived threats and the steps we need to take if violence is threatened or occurs.

We also must act. If you see something, say something right away.  Call 911 or Evergreen Police Services at 360-867-6140. Trained dispatchers will get help on the way to you immediately, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Colleges around the country are using the RUN, HIDE, FIGHT model of response in active shooter situations.  Over the coming months we have planned information sessions, trainings and drills on campus about these and related safety measures. You will be learning more about the trainings and drills  – their dates, points of focus, and how you can participate – in the weeks ahead.

By participating and working together, we can ensure that Evergreen remains a safe learning community.