Welcome Back!

Block Party

Welcome Back, Greeners!

Students, faculty and staff, welcome to the beginning of fall term. We begin this year with new programs dedicated to student success, events celebrating the college and our campus community, and many opportunities to engage in planning Evergreen’s future.

First-year students get the bonus of our new First-Year Experience. In addition to our Orientation Program for new students is Greener Foundations, a student-success course attached to some of our first year coordinated study programs that help strengthen study skills, improve your health and wellness, and develop community across campus.  It’s a great choice if you’re coming straight from high school or after some time away from school, and sets you up for success in college.  

For just plain fun and food, hit the Block Party on October 2 at noon. We all gather on Red Square for a long lunch of music, great free food and sunshine. Connect with people you know and those you don’t. It’s a tradition at Evergreen for celebrating our community and the beginning of the academic year.

Also on October 2 at 11:00am, join us for the unveiling of Evergreen’s Welcome Woman. Greeting visitors at the traffic circle since the 1980s, she was restored and revived by two Native carvers: the artist who created her originally, Greg Colfax, and a current Evergreen student, Bunni Peterson-Haitwas.

Check out and cheer on our talented Geoduck athletes as they compete against their Cascade Collegiate Conference opponents in men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball. All events are free for students with home and away games scheduled throughout the fall.

Participate in our annual Equity Symposium on November 14-15. The symposium offers a campus-wide series of speakers, workshops and activities devoted to learning about and creating a more equitable and just community and society. Music, food, dialogue and learning make the symposium one of Evergreen’s signature events.

Opportunities for engagement: Throughout the year we will be discussing the future of the college, its programs and priorities. I encourage all to engage in the all-campus forums and gatherings we will be dedicating to this. More details on these upcoming opportunities will be shared with you soon.

I look forward to seeing you on campus, at all of these events and in our dialogues about the future!


George Bridges