First Peoples Scholarships

Amount Varying amounts; multiple awards, renewable


Class Standing

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

Need-Based Preferred

Amount: Multiple awards in varying amounts contingent on class standing

  • Freshman - $9,000 (split over 4 years)
  • Sophomore - $7,000 (split over 3 years)
  • Juniors - $5,000 (split over 2 years)

Offered on behalf of The Evergreen State College Foundation, this scholarship is intended for new or currently enrolled students of color (African American, Asian, Latino/Latina, Native American, Pacific Islander, Alaskan Native or students who self-identify as multi-racial) with freshman, sophomore or junior standing attending full time who have the potential to distinguish themselves after graduation in a field of their choosing. Preference will be given to students demonstrating financial need.