Microsoft Alumni Scholarship

Amount $2,090; 2 awarded


Class Standing

Sophomore Junior Senior

Need-Based Required

Offered on behalf of The Evergreen State College Foundation, this scholarship is intended for a new or currently enrolled student with sophomore, junior or senior standing attending full time, who has demonstrated the goal of applying technology (use of computers, computer software, electronic communications or digital media) to a discipline of study through past individual or academic projects. Applicants need not come from exclusively computer science backgrounds. All disciplines are encouraged to apply. Financial need must be demonstrated.

Additional requirements

Please also submit with your application materials a proposal for the project you hope to pursue that  incorporates computing into your discipline. Proposals will be evaluated for clarity and thoroughness, how realistic and attainable the goal is, creativity (e.g., is this new work that will stretch current thinking?) and utility within and outside of academics. Include a statement related to your financial need.