Culture, Text, and Language in World Societies

Explore the history, society, culture, literature, and language of people in the United States and around the world through classes, capstone projects, and study abroad.

English as a Second Language and English Language Learners class. and

Explore people and communities, past and present, and what they do, think and make, in relationship to their environments and larger societies, cultures, and the world. Programs include history, culture, anthropology, archaeology, literature, languages, philosophy, religion, sociology, ethnic and gender studies, music, theater, and art history.

  • Through study of cultures, explore webs of meaning to make sense of the world.

  • Through study of texts, learn to interpret the products of culture, from enduring works to popular media and artful practices of everyday life.

  • Through study of historical, environmental and political contexts, develop understanding of structures of oppression and methods of resistance, particularly in regard to race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality.

  • Through study of languages, learn how different societies communicate around the world, developing your intellectual and expressive voice. Languages offered include French, Spanish, Irish, Japanese, Chinese, and Latin.

Immerse yourself in cultures, communities, music and arts through critical analysis of texts, images and objects; participate in community-based study, internships and projects; study abroad in France, Mexico, Nicaragua, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Ireland, and China; acquire advanced research, writing, communication and analytical skills; and complete advanced studies and senior capstone projects in humanities, social sciences and performing arts.

The critical thinking and academic skills you acquire here will equip you for a successful career in education, performing arts and humanities, law, politics, journalism, international studies, diplomacy, social sciences and entrepreneurship. Become a deeper thinker and a more engaged agent in an ever-changing world.


Spring at the Organic Farm

Programs offered 2019 – 20

Programs planned 2020 – 24


  • Dangerous Reading
  • In Sickness and in Health
  • People/Power in the U.S., 1800 – 2020

Intermediate (includes study abroad or other travel)

  • America to 2025
  • The French Program: History, Literature, Language and Culture
  • Greece and Italy: An Artistic and Literary Odyssey
  • Ireland in History and Memory
  • The Spanish-Speaking World: Cultural Crossings

Other intermediate programs

  • Russian Language and Culture
  • Reproduction: Gender, Race and Power
  • When You Wish Upon an Archetype: Psychology, Folklore, and Creativity in Disney Animated Films


  • Advanced Writing: Capstone in Literary Arts and the Humanities
  • Capstone in the Humanities
  • Student Originated Studies: Music
Students have lunch on the cliffsides of Ireland.
A group of Study Abroad students under an ancient tower in the Irish countryside.
Students work in groups on a cultural weaving project in Ireland.
A group of Study Abroad students play music together during a sunset in Ireland.