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Media Arts and Studies

Engage the media critically. Use the study of media theory and practice to understand contemporary artistic, political, and social issues.  Learn to produce powerful media works that express your point of view and create change.

Mediaworks Projection Lab

Note: You can join or leave a Path of Study at any time and your credits will always count toward your Bachelor’s degree.

The tools of media production are powerful. Those who use these tools, and think critically about works produced with them, empower themselves and their communities. Programs emphasize experimental, documentary, and hybrid modes of media practice. You will study media in its various social, cultural, and political contexts, while developing critical reading, writing, and media analysis skills. This path offers hands-on instruction in a variety of formats and disciplines.

  • Learn practices, histories, and theories of film, video, animation, and audio recording and composition.
  • Develop critical awareness through screenings, reading, writing, and discussion, and applying theoretical and critical concepts in production and critique.
  • Deploy multiple media formats, including analog and digital, through use of excellent media facilities.
  • Create works that amplify a point of view, engage with contemporary issues, allow for experimentation, and prepare you to present work to diverse audiences.
  • Cultivate your own voice while developing the collaborative skills necessary for communities and contexts beyond Evergreen.

Programs integrate media with gender studies, political economy, visual arts, performance, education, environmental studies, and community studies.

You will engage with the world, with contemporary issues and ideas. Make an impact in community media, journalism, or as an independent media creator. Past graduates are freelance producers and social media influencers, and more than a few are Academy Award winners, hit TV show producers, renowned documentarians, and experimental filmmakers. Whichever path you choose to take, the skills gained from this path will take you there.

Design for Social Good Gamefest

Programs Offered 2020–21

Advanced Projects in Media and Visual Arts (FWS)

Evergreen Media Internships (FWS)

Mediaworks: Animation, Documentary, and Experimental Approaches to the Moving Image (FWS)

Reproduction: Critical Witnessing at the Intersections of Gender, Race, and Power (FW)

Social/Media: Critical Inquiries Into Internet Cultures (FW)

Experiments in Photography: Science + Art (S)


Audio Recording
Introduction to Electronics in Music
Advanced Electronics in Music
Multitrack Composition
Web Design

Programs planned 2021-25


  • Mediaworks: Animation, Documentary, and Experimental Approaches to the Moving Image


  • Advanced Media Arts and Media Internships
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