Paths of Study

For students who know what they want to study, you’re in the right place.

Inspired by previous students and developed by faculty, Paths of Study are focused programs and courses on subjects that interest you, such as environmental studies, sciences, literary arts, and more. Paths of Study will prepare you for a fulfilling career, advanced work or graduate school.

Paths guide students through introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels of interdisciplinary study within that field. Work within a Path culminates in a major project, capstone, or thesis, and can be combined with an internship with a local non-profit organization, business, or government agency. Learn more about the current path options, learning outcomes, and how Paths of Study work below.

Current Paths of Study

More Paths coming in Fall 2020

  • Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work
  • Work: Business, Entrepreneurship, and Non-Profit Management

What makes Paths different?

  • Follow a clear route through Evergreen’s vibrant curriculum
  • Perform advanced work in your field of interest
  • Gain real-world experience through an internship related to a Path
  • Move between Paths to improve your skills at integrative thinking and action
  • Bond with other students and faculty who share your passion for a field and its Path

We’re preparing students to be equipped for advanced work.

Krishna Chowdary, Ph.D., Paths of Study faculty team member