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Our Faculty

Benefit from close interaction with compassionate and experienced faculty.

Your Faculty Advisor

During your time in the Tacoma program, you'll have an advisor assigned to help you with your college career and preparing for your next steps.

Your advisor is assigned based on your interests and career goals. Your advisor writes your quarterly evaluations. (Learn more about how narrative evaluations work at Evergreen.) You can meet with your advisor throughout the quarter to check in, talk about your work, select what you'll take next, and clarify your path to graduate school or a career. It's up to you how to best use this valuable resource.

Current Faculty

  Title Email Location Phone
Peter Bacho Peter Bacho
Faculty Tacoma 132 (253) 680-3028
Mingxia Li Mingxia Li
Faculty Tacoma 131 (253) 680-3025
Alt: (360) 867-6724
Paul McCreary Portrait Paul McCreary
Faculty Tacoma 127 (253) 680-3032
Gilda Sheppard Gilda Sheppard
Faculty Tacoma 129 (253) 680-3033
Tyrus Smith portrait Tyrus Smith
Faculty Tacoma 122 (253) 680-3035
Marcia Tate Arunga Marcia Tate Arunga
Faculty Tacoma 117F (253) 680-3003
Anthony Zaragoza Headshot Anthony Zaragoza
Faculty Tacoma 133 (253) 680-3055