Technology for Students

Technology at Evergreen is for everyone at any level studying any subject.

COVID-19 Updates

Summer and Fall 2020 will be conducted remotely. The library building is closed to student and public access. The Student Technology Help Desk is providing remote support via phone and help tickets during our regular summer hours.

We are developing options for students who need access to internet, computers, and printers and will update this site as soon as we have more information. If you need help, please make a ticket at

Student Technology Support

Need help logging in to your my.evergreen account?

Get help logging into your account, navigating My Evergreen, and accessing technological resources by contacting the Student Technology Support help desk. We have student-staff available to help you during our open hours. You can contact us by creating a ticket at, or calling us at (360) 867-6231.

Computer Labs

Computer Center

The Computer Center and the Library building are closed for Summer and Fall 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. It is home to our Student Technology Support help desk, and has computer classrooms and open lab space. Our computers have all the software you need to get your work done. Plus, there’s collaborative space to work on projects together with your classmates.

Coding CircuitsComputer Applications Lab

The Computer Applications Lab (CAL) is an advanced computer center. One of the CAL's labs features dual monitors. CAL computers have advanced software for scientific and research curriculum. The CAL also hosts a color printer and Evergreen’s 3D printing lab. Support staff are usually upper level science students who have experience with the programs used in the lab.

Assistive Technology Lab

The Assistive Technology Lab has a variety of options to help students with access, including screen readers, screen magnifiers, and specialized devices.

Digital PhotographyMultimedia Technology

Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM)

Evergreen offers advanced media access and education in a highly-current and technologically fluid environment. The CCAM includes a TV studio, green room, sound effects studio, audio lab, 5.1 surround mix studio, and audio/video post-production facilities.

Digital Imaging Studio

The DIS offers still imaging, graphics, and web design for use by Evergreen students, staff, faculty, and the general community.  Facilities include twelve PC workstations, many flatbed and film scanners, and two exhibition quality large format inkjet printers.

Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab offers new Mac towers with resources for video editing, audio multi-tracking, 2-D animation, web design, graphical programming environments, and 3-D modeling.

Sound Effects Studio

The Sound Effects Studio is part of the Center for Creative and Applied Media. The room has a Mac Pro and a Mackie 1402 mixer and a selection of floor surfaces, foley pits, and a variety of objects for creating sound effects.

See Media Services for information about using the Digital Imaging Studio, Multimedia Lab, or the Sound Effects Studio.

Science Labs

Students of all levels have access to science labs with a full range of equipment and high-tech tools. Our students have unique opportunities to conduct scientific research using high-quality instruments, such as a scanning electron microscope and a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. In addition, they use some of the best modern software available.

ChemistryChemistry Labs

Evergreen has several dedicated laboratories designed specifically for instruction and research in chemistry including a state-of-the-art organic chemistry lab, a high-tech water quality analysis lab, an environmental analysis lab, two modern biochemistry and molecular biology labs, and general chemistry labs.

Phage Biology Lab

The phage lab has been a center for undergraduate research at Evergreen since 1972, Today, there are generally 10 to 15 students involved in work in the lab, analyzing these natural disease-fighting bacteriophages. These students have presented at various recent regional, national and international meetings.