Go beyond the ordinary and experience your education the way you imagine. Evergreen is your way to the world.

Direct Your Education

All of your credits will count toward your Bachelor of Arts or Science, and you’ll focus them into an area of emphasis as you learn and grow. Our diverse fields of study ensure that you’ll have the opportunity to explore.

More Than Just Classes

You won’t sign up for multiple classes each quarter. Instead, you’ll enroll in a single program that layers different fields of study. Browse our catalog to find offerings that suit your interests.

Better Than a Letter

At most schools, you are what your grade-point average says you are. At Evergreen, detailed evaluations highlight your work and provide specific examples of your progress.

Not only do faculty provide critical evaluations, but you’ll also create a self-reflective Academic Statement which acts as your blueprint to your degree. You’ll use this document to record your achievements and refine your area of emphasis.

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Value-Based Graduate Programs

Our three grad programs are grounded in values of service, community, social justice, and stewardship.

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