Evergreen: a very different place to learn

You create your own area of emphasis.

Lab aids test dry ice reactions in preparation for the annual Science Carnival.

Choosing an Area of Emphasis Puts the Power in Your Hands

Beyond formal majors.

Interdisciplinary programs are more like the real world.

Because programs cover several disciplines, having multiple instructors is not uncommon.

Inter­disciplin­ary Programs Reflect the Real World

Beyond dis­connect­ed classes.

  • Our programs typically represent a full-time course load. That means you really only take one “class” each quarter.
  • Instead of taking a bunch of unrelated classes, you learn about the interconnections of subjects in the real world. All your classes, teachers and classmates are in one place.
  • You can also do individual study or research in subjects that build upon your academic experience. Evergreen’s learning contracts require active participation in your education.
  • Or you can take more narrowly focused courses to complement programs and individual study.
Narrative evaluations offer more value than a letter grade.

With one-on-one meetings, you can build a rapport with your faculty.

Narrative Evaluations are More Complete

Beyond letter grades.

  • Your learning and academic progress are assessed in narrative evaluations rather than grades. Experience has shown us that these noncompetitive transcripts are valued by employers and graduate schools because they are more descriptive and revealing than traditional grades.
  • You’ll meet with your professor to review your learning and discuss how it will help you succeed in the workplace or continued studies. Good evaluations are like getting a letter of recommendation from every program you take.