Student Groups

Below are the clubs that were registered and active for the 2020 - 2021 school year. New and returning clubs are re-registering for this new academic year. Please check this page regularly for updates to Evergreen's Registered Student Organizations.

Cooper Point Journal

Cooper Point Journal organization members commit their efforts to two primary purposes: compiling submissions from students at large to create a newspaper that focuses on and reflects the student citizens of The Evergreen State College and examines how matters, particularly within the college, affect and involve students. The newspaper - also named Cooper Point Journal - serves as a medium for informing and entertaining students and as a forum for the ideas and opinions of students and others.The learning laboratory aspect of the CPJ organization manifests itself by developing and maintaining effective and responsible managing of operations and finances of an endeavor (newspaper) organization, as well as dealing with such life challenges as organizing efforts to develop and maintain an inclusive organization, establishing a group culture of inclusive and responsible decision making, personal and collective accountability, leadership that focuses of fulfilling organization goals and objectives by fostering an environment of consensus and cooperation rather than focusing on the decision-making authority and responsibilities of leadership, confronting injustice and discrimination.


Evergreen Classic Club

The Evergreen Classic Club was created to foster an extracurricular interest for and discussion about the ancient Mediterranean world. We aim to make our members excited about the Classics and provide an area for people to come together and freely participate in scholarly discourse of ancient events, texts, and arts, as well as share creative works inspired by the Classical world. The goal is to make this a more fun and loose experience than a classroom environment for those that enjoy the Classics. No prior knowledge of the ancient world is necessary and everyone is welcome to join and learn.


Evergreen Furry Club

The Evergreen Furry Club seeks to create a supportive and friendly environment to foster the local furry/anthropomorphic community. 


Geoduck Student Union

The Geoduck Union is the official representation of the student body at The Evergreen State College. The Union is committed to unifying students across all Evergreen campuses, serving their interests at the local, state, and national levels and empowering all students to participate in positive social and political chance while fostering a fair and diverse community. The Union works to improve student quality of life by advocating for students' rights and needs, facilitating communication among students, and ensuring a fair balance of power among faculty, staff, administration and students.

Contact information for your GSU representatives is available at the webpage below:


Herbal Medicine Club

The Herbal Medicine Club strives to provide herbal medicine materials, resources, and education to students and community members while supporting efforts to decolonize and decentralize herbal medicine. We can do so by uplifting local community herbalists and medicine projects as we learn together how to utilize herbal medicine as a tool to connect to and build relationships with plants, each other, our bodies, and place.


Justice Involved Student Group

We focus on reducing recidivism by breaking down barriers to reentry and college access by empowering our individual and collective voices. By using data-driven, evidence-based models, we try to provide solutions that make lasting differences in the lives of currently and formerly incarcerated and justice-involved community members. 



S&A Board

The S&A Board is the student committee that allocates Services and Activities fees to all of the organizations you see here. This student committee renews itself annually and seeks new members every Fall.


Sewing & Fiber Arts Club

The Sewing and Fiber Arts Club hopes to provide a space for people to get creative and enjoy various sewing & fiber arts modalities. We invite everyone, of all of skill, of all interests to come participate and share their skills!


Whine and Cheese Lecture Series

Whine & Cheese Lecture Series seeks to host a safe, comfortable, and engaging space for Evergreen community members to connect and share stories in a unique way.