Peer Advisors

Advice for Greeners by Greeners! We are current Evergreen students who are here to enhance your visit to Academic & Career Advising. We look forward to working with you!



Alex (they/them) hails from Miami, Florida and is a senior currently pursuing political economy at Evergreen. In their free time, Alex enjoys photography, literature and cooking.



Hello! I’m Allie (she/her), I am a junior at Evergreen pursuing biology and science communications.  Outside of the classroom I work as an artist and advocate of inclusion in STEM and public health fields.  I look forward to helping you navigate higher education!



Hi, my name is Bridget. I'm currently a senior at Evergreen. I enjoy studying international relations, anthropology, language, feminist literature, and especially the Arab world. On my free time I eat Tolblerone bars in bed and watch Netflix, and come up with names for all the neighborhood cats.



Hi, my name is Christian. I am a senior here at Evergreen. I enjoy studying math, science, and history. In my free time i like to play video games, hang out with friends, and watch TV. I look forward to meeting you in the Advising office.



Hi, I'm Jessi (she/her) and I am a freshman at Evergreen. I'm interested in studying psychology, human behavior, and child development. In my free time I enjoy watching puppy videos on the internet, taking naps, and admiring the cold outdoors from the warmth of my bed. I look forward to helping you in the Advising office!



Hi, I’m Lindsay! I’m currently a senior here at Evergreen who transferred to campus during my junior year. I enjoy studying sociology, psychology, consciousness studies, queer studies, general health, and world issues. My goal after Evergreen is to work in social services or in public health in a clinic or hospital. Outside of work I really love anything music related (whether it be making music or listening to it), traveling, spending time in the forest, video games, and being around animals. I am very happy and energetic and outgoing. I am very excited to meet you and help with any questions you might have with your future aspirations here at Evergreen!



Hi.  My name is Louis (he/him). I am currently a sophomore at Evergreen. My area of emphasis is focused on psychology and I love reading about the various experiments and studies that have influenced the field. In my day to day life, I write and arrange music and enjoy working on a variety of recording projects.



Greetings! My name is Ria, I am a junior at Evergreen pursuing my Bachelors in Science with a premedical area of emphasis. I love living in the Pacific Northwest, raising a family, hiking, gardening and working as a holistic health practitioner in private practice since 2003.

We typically hire our Peer Advisors each fall quarter for a one year commitment.  If you are interested in becoming an Academic & Career Peer Advisor, please contact Katherine McGee at: