Home is where the heart is. And when home is on the Evergreen campus, it’s also where nearly all first year students are. Along with all sorts of recreation and athletics opportunities. Yummy food. Great coffee. Forest. Beach. You get the picture.

Watch a video about the benefits of living on campus

Living on campus has many benefits.

Living on campus has many benefits

  1. No need to commute or fight for a parking space
  2. Free, fast internet and other utilities
  3. Easy access to events occurring on campus
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint, and save time and money on your commute
  5. Enjoy 1,000 acres of outdoor adventure in your backyard
  6. You’ll be more engaged in our learning community: you’re more likely to make friends, go to campus events, and have discussions with people with differing political views (Source: 2018 National Survey of Student Engagement)

Where can you live?

  • Freshman straight from high school: in residence halls.
  • Returning, Transfer and older new students: mostly in campus apartments, but some choose to live in residence halls.

Specialized Options

Our housing options are as varied as the campus we live on. Choose from a variety of specialized living options in either the residence halls or apartments. Students with similar interests and values can live and learn together in a community that supports their lifestyle choices. Read more about your specific options in the Residence Hall and Apartment pages.

A student moves into his dorm room, hanging posters and setting up his computer

Share your individual expression and make your space up just the way you like it. There’s no place like home.

Three students hang out in their apartment common area

Apartments offer common areas and a kitchen, so you can come together with your friends and build community.

A student plays a game of pool in the dorms

Grab a friend and shoot some pool in the residence hall common area. Just one of the many benefits to living on campus.