Bad Weather Class Cancellation Policy

There are three levels of decisions about campus closure/class cancellation for bad weather:

  1. Campus is closed – The Vice President for Student Affairs determines whether or not to close the campus due to bad weather. If there is power, information on campus closure will be on the main webpage. Notices of campus closure are also broadcasted on most major news programs and on local radio stations. You can call the switchboard (360-866-6000) and hear a recorded message. Decisions to close campus are made twice, on a weekday: in the early morning and mid-afternoon (for night classes). Weekend decisions are made in the early morning.

    The FlashAlert emergency communication system notifies Evergreen community members of campus closure, via email or text message. To sign up, visit FlashAlert Newswire Signup
  2. Campus is open, but MPA may decide to cancel classes – in this case, presuming the campus has electricity and the network is up, the MPA Director will send an e-mail to all MPA students. Also, students may call the Director’s phone number ( 360-867-6820) and information about MPA classes will be on the voice message. Decisions are made mid-afternoon for night classes and early in the morning for weekend classes.
  3. Campus is open, MPA holds classes but individual faculty members decide to cancel class – faculty members will get in touch with students by emailing their class. Also, the faculty member should put a message on their voice mail.

Other than the FlashAlert system, note that all other communications of campus closure require that students take the initiative: by checking their email or the campus webpage, or by calling the Director’s voicemail. When the weather is bad, we urge students to evaluate driving conditions carefully, whether or not classes are canceled. If conditions are not safe, students should inform their faculty of their inability to attend class.