Grievance Procedures

(WAC 174-120-015)

The following grievance procedures in accordance with Evergreen’s Social Contract and Student Conduct code are to be used by MPA students, faculty, and staff when disagreements arise outside of disputes about the evaluation of work:

  1. An individual with a concern about another is encouraged to resolve the concern directly with the other person.
  2. At any point during the resolution process, a student involved in the process may seek a third party to assist in achieving resolution. The MPA Director or the Assistant Director for your cohort may be contacted for assistance.
  3. If resolution cannot be achieved as a result of the above, the grievance may be filed in accordance with the formal campus grievance procedures. For grievances against students, contact the Campus Grievance Officer, 360-867-6298. For grievances against faculty or staff, contact Academic Deans Office 360-867-6810.