Professional Travel

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***Please note: This section has been superseded by a more recent policy. ***

There is a professional travel budget to enhance individual faculty members professional development. The dean whose desk assignments includes budget and faculty travel, makes all decisions about allocations for this budget. (Faculty travel whose primary purpose is promotion of the college or representing the college is funded through a separate budget.) The dean will use the following guidelines and procedures in awarding these funds:

1. The dean may fund all or part of transportation and conference, meeting, or workshop fees (if any). The dean may also pay per diem at the currently approved rate, if requested, for faculty travel which has as its primary rationale the faculty member's presentation of his or her work at the conference, meeting, or workshop. ("Work," is anything previously prepared; the intent is to disallow per diem for mere participation in meetings as a respondent or improvising panelist. Rather, per diem is meant to be used in cases where the work has been done previously and then formally presented to external audiences.) In addition, the dean may also pay prediem at the currently approved rate, if requested, for faculty travel for the purpose of doing professional work associated with that faculty member's position as a member of a governing board of a professional organization.

2. Faculty may request funding for more than one meeting per year. The maximum travel award(s) available to faculty on continuing or term contracts in any biennium shall be announced by the dean at the start of each academic year, dependent on the total funds available. The limit for all other faculty shall be 2/3 of the total awards. Adjunct and visiting faculty who have worked for both years of a biennium shall be eligible to combine the limits for both years during the second year of each biennium.

3. In case of limited funds and to the extent possible, preference will be given to:

a. Faculty who are participating in, rather than just attending a conference, meeting, or workshop.

b. Faculty who have used travel funds less extensively.

4. Requests for funding from the professional travel budget should be sent to the dean responsible for professional travel. Requests must include:

a. Name.
b. A brief description of the conference, meeting, or workshop (if any) and/or of the proposed activities.
c. Place(s) and date(s) of travel
d. Benefit to the faculty member expected from participation in the conference, meeting, workshop, or other activity.
e. Benefit to the faculty member's work at Evergreen expected from participation in the conference, meeting, workshop, or other activity.
f. Cost of transportation and other expenses for which the faculty member is requesting funding. Faculty are expected to use the lowest available rates for airfare, etc.
g. Any additional information required by state travel regulations then in force.

Faculty should submit requests as far in advance of the intended travel as possible in order to obtain the most favorable rates for travel and other expenses and to allow adequate time for any approvals which may be required for out-of-state or out-of-country travel. Generally a minimum of three weeks is desirable.

5. Where this policy conflicts with current state travel regulations, the dean responsible for professional travel will take the necessary steps to bring actual practice into conformance with such regulations.