Office of the President

Thoughts from President George Bridges, and information about his time here at Evergreen.

Welcome Back!

Block Party

Welcome Back, Greeners!

Students, faculty and staff, welcome to the beginning of fall term. We begin this year with new programs dedicated to student success, events celebrating the college and our campus community, and many opportunities to engage in planning Evergreen’s future.

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At Evergreen, small is really, really big

A student's graduation cap decorated with a world map.

Commencement is among the most energizing and happiest moments in an academic year. We celebrate our students’ years of challenging work and significant accomplishments.

This year was especially wonderful. Greeted by faculty as they marched to their seats, the view of students from the stage was inspiring. There were smiling faces, laughter, and an abundant desire to enjoy every moment of the ceremony. For many, commencement represented the culmination of their formal academic training. For all, it represented the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

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More Financial Aid for Our Students


When the Washington State legislature recently passed the Workforce Education and Investment Act (originally introduced as House Bill 2158) it dramatically expanded the amount of state support for low income college students who are Washington residents. The legislation increased the amount of funding available to cover college costs -- depending upon their family income levels -- and made the grant an entitlement. The latter means that any and every person in the state who qualifies for the grant will now receive it.

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UNC Tragedy and Campus Safety

Emergency Light

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty:

Yesterday’s shooting in a classroom at the University of North Carolina Charlotte is an unthinkable tragedy, but sadly not unfamiliar.  It reminds us how important campus safety is to every one of us and to the college’s mission.

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Evergreen student recognized for helping others choose a new path after incarceration.

gateways open mic

Every year nearly 600,000 people are released from prisons in the United States. Once out, their success varies widely. For some, release is a revolving door. Many end up back in prison for new crimes within a year.

But others go on to find jobs, create stable lives, and never return. And one path to that successful outcome is to complete a college degree.

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