Native American and Indigenous Programs

A combination of academic and public service programs that embrace Indigenous knowledge as a field of interconnected study.

Welcome Woman Restoration

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You will be immersed in unique programs founded upon Evergreen’s visionary leadership and tribal relationships throughout the Americas and the Pacific Rim. You will learn about the global effects of colonialism and explore enduring cultural and artistic ways of knowing. Programs are offered on the main campus, in evening and weekend studies, and through the Native Pathways program. Our partnership with s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ: House of Welcome (the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center) offers you unique opportunities to work in the Fiber Arts Studio, the Carving Studio, and various workshops. Culturally relevant curriculum is grounded in student-centered learning and empower learning across cultural differences.

Path of study is highly interdisciplinary, comprised of diverse teaching philosophies and research methodologies to prepare you for graduate studies or to work in a variety of fields within tribes, the public and private sector:

  • Government
  • Indigenous Visual Arts
  • Indigenous Research
  • Education
  • Community-based learning
  • Environmental Policy & Natural Resources
  • Indigenous Food Sovereignty Studies
  • Ethical writing and research
  • Human Services
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Indigenous Literature
  • Public Administration
2019 Native Pathways Graduation

Programs offered 2019-20

Programs planned 2020-24


  • Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • Catastrophe: Community Resilience in the Face of Disaster
  • American Frontiers: Homelands and Borderlands
  • Reality Check: Indian Images and (Mis)Representations
  • Even When Erased We Exist: Native American Women Standing Strong for Justice
  • Place, Memory, Narrative: Northwest Coast Native Art and Literature
  • Indigenous People and the Pacific World
  • Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry (4 credit course)
  • Critical Indigenous Studies I and II (4 credit courses)


  • Conceptualizing Place: Pacific Northwest Native Art and Geographies
  • Art as Archive: Indigenous Material Culture
  • Language and Power
  • Indigenous Storytelling as Resistance
  • Thinking In Indian: Democracy, Civic Engagement, Resistance
  • Filming Stories of the Land
  • Native Pathways Program
  • Critical Indigenous Studies III (4 credit course)

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