Brand Colors

Evergreen has three color palettes: The Core Palette, the Greenery Palette, and the Vibrant Palette.

The Core Palette

The Core Palette is made up of the full-color logo colors plus white. They are to be used (along with black) across all communications and applications, including as background colors and body copy. Do not use other greens from previous brand palettes.

Forest Stone* Cloud

*Stone is low-contrast. Use only with 18pt (24px) text and larger.

  • PMS 7743 C
  • CMYK (71, 8, 100, 50)
  • #266726
  • hsl(120, 46%, 28%)
  • rgb(38, 103, 38)
  • PMS 430 C
  • CMYK (33, 18, 13, 40)
  • #72808a
  • hsl(205, 10, 49)
  • rgb(114, 128, 138)
  • PMS White
  • CMYK (0, 0, 0, 0)
  • #fff
  • hsl(0, 0%, 100%)
  • rgb(255, 255, 255)

There are a few rules for using colors in order to create designs that are accessible to and readable by all types of people, including people with color blindness and low vision.

  • Guideline

    All text must be accessible, having a contrast ratio against its background of 4.5:1.

  • Guideline

    Use black or dark text on light colors to ensure accessibility and reading comprehension.

  • Not allowed

    Avoid using reversed-out text—in other words, do not use light text on a dark background unless you don’t want anybody to read what you’ve written. It causes eye strain and lowers reading comprehension.

  • Not allowed

    Don’t put text on bright background colors. Use light, de-saturated tints, like Moss Light shown below.

  • Not allowed

    Do not mix in colors from old color palettes. They’ve been retired, so update them as you refresh your projects and documents.

The Greenery Palette

The Greenery Palette includes the core logo colors and builds on them. This palette draws from the natural beauty surrounding our campus.

Moss Light Moss* Forest Dark

*Moss is low-contrast. Use only with 18pt (24px) text and larger.

  • PMS 580 C
  • CMYK (20, 0, 36, 0)
  • #cfe5b5
  • hsl(88, 47%, 80%)
  • rgb(207, 229, 181)
  • PMS 576 C
  • CMYK (54, 5, 94, 24)
  • #67963a
  • hsl(91, 44%, 41%)
  • rgb(103, 150, 58)
  • PMS 350 C
  • CMYK (80, 21, 79, 64)
  • #00492c
  • hsl(156, 100%, 14%)
  • rgb(0, 73, 44)

Vibrant Color Palette

The Vibrant Palette is an additional range of colors developed for professional design staff use. The Vibrant Palette can be used in backgrounds and on watercolor textures, but the Greenery Palette should always be incorporated somewhere in the design.

Contact Marketing and Communications if you are a designer who would like access to the Vibrant Palette.

For more branding guidelines on logo use, typography and more, see the Evergreen Style Guide.