Tacoma Program

Finish your bachelor’s degree in just six quarters in a close-knit community. Evergreen’s Tacoma Program offers convenience, flexibility, and diversity. Enter to learn, depart to serve.

Spring and Summer 2020 operations

Evergreen Tacoma is moving to remote learning and services for Spring and Summer 2020 to keep our community healthy and to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Phone messages at (253) 680-3000 will be checked daily. You may also contact the following people for further questions by email:

Evergreen Tacoma goes Remote.

The Beauty in Evergreen Tacoma

The Tacoma Program of The Evergreen State College is a full-time course of study for students who have already completed at least 90 transferable credits. Students who complete the program receive a bachelor’s degree.

All students attend full time, but you have the option of either day or evening classes. You can get started in the fall, winter, or spring quarter. Give the program a try and register as a special student for the summer.

Find out how Evergreen's Tacoma Program can help you meet your goals. Visit the campus, learn how our classes are different, or contact us for more information.

Thinking about applying but not sure if you have enough credits? Request an unofficial transcript review.

Visit us to learn how to complete your education 

  • Learn more about our unique daytime and evening curriculum in classes offered at our Tacoma location
  • Meet faculty, staff, current students, and alumni
  • Tour the building
  • Meet with admissions staff to learn about applying

Graduate Programs in Tacoma

The Master of Public Administration offers selected elective course in Tacoma. Learn more about what MPA courses will be available.