Air Travel Arrangements

Get information on how to fly via the college.

The Office of Financial Management, OFM, requires that all flight arrangements be purchased through an approved travel agency. By booking with a qualified travel agency and using The Evergreen State College Corporate Travel Account (CTA), the employee does not incur any personal costs for airfare.

In preparation for a trip

The traveler must forward the Travel office a completed and approved Travel Authority form (PDF).
The traveler may then contact an approved travel agency to begin arranging his or her flight. Be sure to state that you are traveling on college business and that you must book your flight at the state contract rate--billing the charges to The Evergreen State College’s CTA account.

The travel agent must receive approval from the Travel office to charge airfare to the college account.
Approval to issue a ticket will only be granted if the approved TA is on file with the Travel office. After the travel is booked, the electronic ticket, invoice and itinerary will be sent to the Travel Office and to the traveler by e-mail.

There are two (2) exceptions to using the state contract

  1. The contracted carrier does not travel to the desired destination and/or does not do so within the time constraints of the agency program requirements.
  2. When transportation is offered to the general public at a published fare which is less than the state contract fare.

Note: When the contract carrier(s) for a particular city-pair offers a comparable fare and has seats available at that fare, the contracted carrier shall be utilized in lieu of a non-contract carrier. The fact that an alternate carrier may have a matching fare available does not qualify for this exception.

If you have any questions about airfare or travel arrangements, please contact the travel office at extension 6351.