ID Cards

Your ID card gets you into Evergreen, keeps track of your meal plan, gives you free rides on the bus, and can even get you discounts around town.

A student with his new student ID

A student with their new ID. Note the green validation sticker that indicates the quarter for which he is registered.

Get your student ID card at the Registration and Records office. You can get your card starting 30 days before the quarter when you start classes. (State employees using tuition benefits and students using the 60+ tuition waiver don't get ID cards.)

ID cards must be picked up in person. We'll take your picture and give you your card right away.

Bring a current valid picture ID, like a driver's license, state ID, military ID, or passport.

Going to school on evenings or weekends?

We’re open late for the first three days of each quarter. We're also open on the first Saturday of the quarter.

Validation Stickers

Tacoma students

Get your ID picture taken in Tacoma and we'll send it to Olympia for processing. Then you'll be able to pick it up in Tacoma.

Quarterly validation stickers are available in Tacoma too.

Each quarter you’ll need to get a validation sticker to go on your student ID.

This sticker is your proof of student status for riding the bus and using the CRC. If you're using your ID to ride the bus, you can't have more than three stickers showing, or the bus driver may turn you away.

Starting one week before the quarter, you can get your sticker either at Registration or at Student Accounts.

Bring your ID card to the window. We’ll check that you're registered for classes. (Just being on a waitlist doesn't count as registered.) After the quarter starts, we'll also check to make sure you've paid tuition.

If you aren't paying student fees, then you don't get a validation sticker. Typically, this applies to student traveling abroad, college or state employees using benefits, or students using the 60+ tuition waiver.

A student receives his ID

Replacement Cards

If you lose or destroy your card, it's okay! We can get you a replacement, and you can even use your old picture if you liked it.

  1. Go to Student Accounts. If you don't have a meal plan, you'll pay $10 for a replacement card. If you have a meal plan, you'll pay $25.
  2. Bring your receipt and another form of photo ID to Registration. We can use your old photo or take a new one. You'll get a new card right away.